Alex Funicello – Silicosis

There are many lung conditions that can result from working conditions. Construction workers are often subject to such problems, and silicosis is a prominent one. The American Lung Association describes silicosis as so:

“Silicosis is a lung disease that is caused by inhaling tiny bits of silica. Silica is a common mineral that is part of sand, rock and mineral ores like quartz. People who work in jobs where they could breathe in these tiny silica bits—like sandblasting, mining, construction and many others—are at risk for silicosis. The silica dust can cause fluid buildup and scar tissue in the lungs that cuts down your ability to breathe. Silicosis cannot be cured, but you can prevent it if you take specific steps to protect yourself and your family. “

There are a number of ways to approach a condition caused by silicosis, as the ALA describes on their website:

“Silicosis does not have a specific treatment. Your healthcare provider may prescribe cough medicine, bronchodilators (medications that help open your airways to help you breathe more easily), and oxygen. You may need antibiotics for any respiratory infections. To keep the disease from getting worse, it is important to stay away from any additional sources of silica and other lung irritants, such as indoor and outdoor air pollution, allergens, and smoke.”

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