Alex Funicello – Friendly Golf Rules

Golf is a sport that is often misinterpreted by people who have never played it. While watching professional golf tournaments on television might lead one to think that the sport is only to be enjoyed by a very stringent, by-the-rules kind of populace, there are many ways in which beginners and intermediates can go out and enjoy a day on the links that has a much friendlier tone. After all, before one goes professional he or she needs to know how to enjoy the sport at a more casual level. And friendly golf rules are the way of doing so. Below is a breakdown of some of the rules less-competitive groups might implement on the field.

Best Ball
One of the most common friendly rules in golf, best ball is when all of the players do their initial drives, but the person that hits the best drive determines where every person gets to hit from next. In best ball, every player benefits from the “best ball” that was driven from the tee, allowing them for better positioning on the green or fairway.

Multiple Mulligans
In professional golf, mulligans are rarely a part of the competition, if ever at all. However, in a friendly game, they are usually not just welcomed but even encouraged. Mulligans occur when a player takes a second try at a particular hit. This action is usually performed right at the tee box, however in some friendly matches they can take place at practically any time.

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