Alex Funicello – Model Creations

When it comes to building models, any hobbyist knows that with a little imagination, anything is possible. That is what keeps many avid model builders so interested in the craft; they can literally create any kind of scene they want, to the point that it becomes somewhat of an art form. Below are some ideas of model creations that could be implemented in your own attic or basement.

Alien Invasion

Depending on what kinds of movies you watched as a kid, you probably have your own ideas of what an alien invasion could look like. Reach out to that inner science geek, and have as much fun with it as you can. You can build UFOs, fighter jets, tanks and more; or you could even set up popular landmarks that will give the scene some relativity.

Aircraft Carrier

Like making toy planes? Like making model boats? The aircraft carrier is the perfect combination of the two. You can first set up the large battleship, and equip it with defenses in case of enemy attack. Then, you can load it with the coolest jets, planes, tanks and helicopters you can find.

Monster Truck Rally

If you want a model scene that is a little more interactive, a monster truck rally is a sure way to build a model set that the kids, and adults, can have fun with. First you build the trucks, and equip them with large, spinning rubber wheels. Then, you can set up a dirt track full of bumps and jumps that they can get air off of if propelled by a human hand.