Alex Funicello – Types of Skis

Skiing is a fun activity where people can get a great workout while enjoying the outdoors, the beautiful scenery and the fresh mountain air. But depending on what you plan on doing with those skis, you may or may not have to choose a particular type of ski. Skis come in many forms, some of which are described below.

Powder Skis

Known for their long planks and tick rails, powder skis are made to gain the necessary momentum to blast through heavy amounts of snow and provide a smooth ride for the skier. Powder skis are not only used on powder days; they are also used on the groomers and a number of other areas for a fun day on the slopes.

Park Skis

Park skis are just regular skis that are a tad thinner, however skiers tend to use smaller sizes than they would with other skis in order to do rotations, rails and a number of other tricks in the terrain park. Park skiers are agile and fast, able to quickly maneuver their skis in the air and back to a proper landing formation after doing a trick.

Nordic Skis

For those who want to do an activity on skis that is a little less extreme, Nordic skiing is a fun option. Nordic skis are meant to be walked on, allowing people to traverse over flat terrain in the snow in an easy and comfortable manner. Nordic skiing is an Olympic sport as well, where skiers race from place to place.

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