Alex Funicello – Ways to Show Your Partner That You Care

As Alex Funicello knows, there are many essential elements that are important to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. One of the most essential elements there is showing your partner that you care, and making him or her feel loved and valued in the relationship. Below are some basic ideas as to how you can be a constant reminder to your partner that he or she is cared for.

Remembering Important Dates

Remembering important dates is more than simply remembering an anniversary. It is an everyday act of remembering the moments you share together, and being able to reference back to those exact moments. Letting your partner know that you cherish those moments will certainly help in reassuring them of the affection you have for them.


Surprises don’t always need to be large parties or extravagant gifts; they can be something as small as a flower or a small note. Levels of affection and sentiment in a surprise do not correlate with their size or price, so when you look at it that way it is much easier to provide small surprises on a regular basis and be a constant source of joy for your partner.

Alex Funicello has maintained a happy and loving relationship with his wife through constantly letting her know that he cares through a multitude of avenues.