Alex Funicello – Visiting Los Angeles

Alex Funicello is a California resident who knows how to get the most out of where he lives. He loves to visit the metropolitan areas of his state in order to have an exciting week in some of the world’s most popular cities. Among this list is Los Angeles, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States and also one of the biggest travel hubs for visitors looking to explore the country. LA is a wonderful place to spend the weekend because there is so much going on that there is never a dull moment. Below are some of the things you should do while visiting the City of Angels.


Los Angeles may not be known for its beach scene as well as San Diego, but nonetheless the California sun and surf graces this area with numerous beautiful beaches within city limits.

Experience Celebrity Life

Of all the things Los Angeles is known for, perhaps its most distinguishing characteristic is its influence on the movie industry. There are studios spread out all over the city, which means that there are also celebrities walking around these areas on a regular basis. Spending a day on Sunset Boulevard will give you a glimpse of celebrity life, and could even provide you with a celebrity encounter.