Alex Funicello – Making a Marriage Last

Alex Funicello is a devoted husband who is happily married, and has been for more than two decades. He met his wife while attending medical school. Their friends often argue that they were lucky, but they always tell them that, while their relationship and marriage has never really had any serious bumps, it still requires effort to keep it that way. As Dr. Funicello argues, nothing ever comes easily, and just because something seems effortless, it does not mean that there is no work behind it. When asked about their personal tips, he often mentions a combination of effort, playfulness and honesty.

Making one’s Marriage a Top Priority

Many couples make the mistake of not putting enough effort into their marriage, not making it a top priority. This may sound odd at first, but one could argue that a marriage should come before everything else, even if that couple has children. The reason for this is simple, when a marriage works really well and everybody is happy, everything else falls into place, including the happiness of the children. Even if there is a conflict, something happens, and the child makes a mistake, it is much easier to handle that problem if the marriage is strong. The marriage should always come first. If someone puts their children or especially their work first, way ahead of their marriage and personal needs, they could very easily bring the whole structure down.

Playfulness, Adventures

When a marriage really works, it usually involves two people who are equals in each other’s eyes. They don’t compete with each other, not really, but they always stay playful. Looking for adventures and being determined to live those adventures together is what a good marriage is about for the most part. This is as true for their sex life as it is for their everyday activities. Developing certain rituals that remind the spouses of key aspects of their marriage is also huge. They need to realize over and over again that they are one team. These common elements will be what ultimately decide their fate, for better or worse.


It’s a cliché, but honesty plays a huge part in the success – or failure – of a relationship. When people keep important stuff to themselves, it can be very damaging to the marriage. In fact, the number one reason why marriages fail is the lack of honesty. This does not have to mean being involved with someone else.  Simply not being honest about important things can drive a wedge between husband and wife, and it is very hard to bring back a relationship when that happens.

Alex Funicello is a devoted husband who – along with his lovely wife – has managed to build a strong marriage that can weather the storm whenever it is necessary.