Alex Funicello – Top Reasons Why Most Relationships Fail

Alex Funicello is a prominent pulmonologist and devoted husband who tries to do his best under any circumstances. When asked about the reasons that make his successful marriage possible, he mentions several factors that help them maintain a healthy relationship, which is one of the pillars of his life.

Being Selfish Should Be Avoided at All Costs

Being selfish could very well be the most common reason for failed relationships. Focusing on one’s own needs is sometimes important, but it cannot be justified in a relationship. When a person puts the emphasis on themselves in a marriage, that connection is almost always doomed. This doesn’t mean that one has to concentrate solely on the other party’s feelings. That would be a terrible mistake as well. But consistently putting one’s emotional needs in front of their partner’s, cannot and should not work.

It Has to Be a Priority

The relationship does not always have to be the priority. There are times and life-changing decisions that need to be made, regardless of what happens to the relationship. But no connection can survive if it’s never the priority; no matter how strong that bond was initially. A relationship needs to be nurtured, only then can it thrive.

Rage Should Not Have a Place

Everybody feels rage sometimes. The question is, does that person allow that rage to take over, or do they have the mental strength to take a couple of deep breaths, and try to deal with the situation in a different way instead? Alex Funicello always tries to keep his calm, and that is one of the reasons why there are very few heated arguments between him and his wife.




Alex Funicello on the Greatness of California

For Alex Funicello, growing up in Fresno and later attending medical school there, did not happen by chance. Being a person whose first love was the Golden State meant that making it in California was always going to be a priority for him. The way his life turned out – he met his wife in college too – he obviously has no regrets about these decisions. But what it is that makes California so great? Is it because of Hollywood? Is it the natural sights, the climate or the ocean? To Dr. Funicello, it’s definitely a combination of these factors.

Coastline Wherever You Can See

With its 840 miles of coastline, California has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. As if that were not enough, the Pacific Coast Highway is famous for its mesmerizing beauty, being rated as one of the most exquisite drives in the United States and globally.

Amazing Climate

The weather is truly amazing in California, with the total sunny days ranging in the high 200’s in most cities, including Los Angeles, Bakersfield and Santa Maria.


Despite its undeniable negative aspects, Hollywood is still a magical place. It may not be as magical as it once was, but there are still great movies being made with great actors starring in them. In Hollywood, one can really run into their favorite stars.

As an outdoorsy person who enjoys hiking, Alex Funicello has always loved living in California, and together with his wife, they have discovered many of its hidden beauties over the years.



Alex Funicello – The Secrets of Long-Term Relationships

Alex Funicello is a renowned pulmonologist who has managed to thrive both in his private and professional lives. When asked about the secrets of a stable and happy marriage, Dr. Funicello offers sound theories.

Embrace Being Different

A long-standing cliché suggests that finding one’s soulmate is not only possible, but necessary if he or she wants to be happy. The truth is that the idea of a soulmate – at least in its widely imagined form – is false, and one could argue there is no such thing. A relationship is about embracing differences and learning to love someone despite their flaws, or sometimes because of them.

Accepting that Nobody is Perfect

Another problem is creating an unrealistic image of the partner, one that could not possibly live up to reality. Everybody is fallible, and anyone can make mistakes. The sooner one learns to accept this, the better off they’ll be.

Learn to Talk about the Reasons

There is no relationship without arguments. The truth is that even those who do not think that they make this mistake, will fall victim to arguments from time to time, maybe without even realizing it. Arguments happen, and there is nothing wrong with that until the reasons are revealed. Being honest is the most important thing in any relationship. Alex Funicello is capable of seeing the best qualities in his wife and still remaining realistic, which allows the two to have a really rewarding relationship that seemingly gets better and better as the years go by.