Alex Funicello – Top Reasons Why Most Relationships Fail

Alex Funicello is a prominent pulmonologist and devoted husband who tries to do his best under any circumstances. When asked about the reasons that make his successful marriage possible, he mentions several factors that help them maintain a healthy relationship, which is one of the pillars of his life.

Being Selfish Should Be Avoided at All Costs

Being selfish could very well be the most common reason for failed relationships. Focusing on one’s own needs is sometimes important, but it cannot be justified in a relationship. When a person puts the emphasis on themselves in a marriage, that connection is almost always doomed. This doesn’t mean that one has to concentrate solely on the other party’s feelings. That would be a terrible mistake as well. But consistently putting one’s emotional needs in front of their partner’s, cannot and should not work.

It Has to Be a Priority

The relationship does not always have to be the priority. There are times and life-changing decisions that need to be made, regardless of what happens to the relationship. But no connection can survive if it’s never the priority; no matter how strong that bond was initially. A relationship needs to be nurtured, only then can it thrive.

Rage Should Not Have a Place

Everybody feels rage sometimes. The question is, does that person allow that rage to take over, or do they have the mental strength to take a couple of deep breaths, and try to deal with the situation in a different way instead? Alex Funicello always tries to keep his calm, and that is one of the reasons why there are very few heated arguments between him and his wife.