Alex Funicello – 3 Ways to Keep the Lungs Durable and Healthy

Alex Funicello is a successful pulmonologist who understands the importance of lung health like few others. The respiratory structure is not only one of the key physiological systems in the human body, but also one that largely influences how physically capable, and ultimately how happy, we are. Keeping it in good health should be one of the primary goals of everyone, and especially of those who are predisposed to certain conditions, including hereditary diseases.

Eliminate Smoking

One of the most impactful decisions you can make in relation to your lung health is either not smoke anything or quit smoking. Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits, one that increases the chances of lung cancer and COPD significantly. Studies show that within a mere 24 hours of not smoking anything, the condition of the lung immediately improves.

Clean Air

People should do everything in their power to breathe clean air into their lungs. Even though sometimes their options are limited due to pollution, this does not mean that fighting for cleaner air is a lost cause. Supporting an environmental organization can be an excellent idea.

Exercise More

In addition to the cardiovascular system, the respiratory one can also greatly benefit from exercising. In fact, the better the cardiorespiratory system, the better the chances of one living a healthy and happy life.

Alex Funicello is a successful pulmonologist from Fresno, California. He keeps himself in shape through running, skiing and golfing, disciplines that he would recommend to anyone who is healthy enough to enjoy them.